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Reptiles for sale in Gillingham

Killer Instinct is a specialist reptile store easily reached from Chatham, Rochester and the surrounding towns.

We cater to reptile collectors, reptile breeders and new reptile owners in the area.

Justin started out as a collector before he opened the shop in 2011. We currently carry over 60 animals, many of them rare and uncommon morphs.

At Killer Instinct, we aim to show you what can be done to display your reptiles in their best light. Our show pieces include an 18 foot long reticulated python, a rare crocodile monitor lizard and more. Visit our shop and explore the possible.

At Killer Instinct reptile store we offer you:

  • Local reptile experts
  • Over 60 reptiles in stock
  • Collection of rare show piece reptiles
  • Reptile accessories
  • Reptile vivariums and tanks
  • Live and frozen reptile food
  • Home delivery available

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Rare reptiles in your neighbourhood. Call Killer Instinct in Gillingham on 01634 571 830